Tuesday, November 19, 2013

10 tips and tricks for small kitchen

Customize your storage compartments. Having everything tailor-made to your specific needs will maximize your space and make it work for you.

Condo kitchens are typically compact and tight on space, but having a small kitchen does not  mean it can’t be beautiful and functional at the same time.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your small kitchen look bigger and brighter, accommodate more items in storage, and look good while you're at it. 

  1. Keep the color scheme simple. Go for light colors and pick just a few shades. This will create a homogenous color scheme that will trick the eye into seeing a bigger space.
  3. Opt for overhead cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling to maximize storage space. As an added bonus, go for French-style cabinet doors with glass. See-through elements will add dimension and a sense of airiness to the space.
  5. Use down lights under your overhead cabinets to light up the counter areas and soften the edges of bulky cabinets.
  7. Choose glossy finishes for cabinet units. The reflected light will open up the space and add stately elegance and polish to your kitchen.
  9. Use a glass surface for your backsplash to add shine to the room. Take it to the next level by using colored glass or glass with printed graphics on the back. This will definitely add style and character to your kitchen.
  11. Go for clean lines and sleek designs. Less is more, as they say. Go the extra mile by clearing away clutter, so you can fully appreciate the minimalist effect.
  13. Use wall spaces to your advantage. The wall in front of a range could have a shelf for herbs and spices or even cooking utensils for easy access. The wall in front of the sink is often wasted storage. You could also have a recessed shelf to solve the problem.
  15. Customize your storage compartments. Having everything tailor-made to your specific needs will maximize your space and make it work for you.
  17. Consider going for open plan. A kitchen counter or a kitchen island could be used for multiple purposes such as a countertop prep area with storage drawers or shelves down below or an eating area with stools placed beside the counter.
  19. Incorporate pull-out tables as extra counter or prep areas. - Aislinn Kee 

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