Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 tools every homeowner should have

Whether you’re handy with a power drill or unable to tell one side of a hammer from the other, having a set of tools around the house is invaluable.

A Phillips head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver are a must for quick and easy DIY projects.

For those quick fixes, here are a few basic tools you should have around the home…

1. Toolbox

Having a centralized storage place for your tools means you'll never have to look for them, and you may even use them more often.

2. Hammer

A high-quality steel hammer with a rubber grip to dampen vibrations is a great investment for home repairs.

3. Screwdriver

A Phillips head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver are a must for quick and easy DIY projects.

4. Tape measure

Tape measures are one of those items you shouldn’t do without – it helps in choosing new furniture to fit your space, figuring out where to put things and is useful for a variety of other tasks.

5. Utility knife

Also known as an X-acto knife, the utility knife is great for more than just opening boxes on moving day.

6. Putty knife

This flat, wide blade comes in handy for scraping off wallpaper and paint during home renovations, or small spackle jobs for cracks and holes in the wall.

7. Pliers

A set of pliers or wire cutters can be surprisingly useful around the home, especially when it comes to dealing with electrical repairs.

8. Adjustable monkey wrench

The monkey wrench is incredibly versatile. Having an adjustable wrench means you only need the one tool to do several jobs.

9. Ladder

Homeowners often overlook the benefits of having a ladder, which is useful for several household jobs. Get a sturdy steel or wood ladder for maximum safety.

10. Power drill

While it is the most expensive item on the list, the power drill is a great investment for homeowners who lean more toward DIY projects.  Power drills are great for wall installations like sconces or shelves. 

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