Saturday, November 29, 2014

3-Step Christmas Wreaths

Try your hand at these easy, DIY wreaths to deck your home with this Christmas

Wreath Made Out of Ribbons


- wire coat hanger or 12-inch metal ring

- wired ribbons

- scissors


(1) Craft the circle. 

Rework the coat hanger into a circle or use a 12-inch metal ring from the crafts or hardware store. 

(2) Select your ribbons. 

Arm yourself with wired ribbons, using Christmas colors like red, green, white, gold or silver. Cut the ribbons into shorter, 12-inch ribbons. 

(3) Make your wreath.

 Tie the ribbons into bows around the metal ring, alternating between different colors. Add as many ribbons as you want or as needed.


Wreathe Made Out of Clothespins


- an old box

- wooden clothespins

- wire or a 12-inch metal ring

- green spray paint

- ribbon

- red beads

- tape


(1) Paint your pins. 

Clip the clothespins around the mouth of an old box. Paint the clothespins with green spray paint in this setup. Make sure you paint the clothespins all over. Leave no part bare. Let dry for at least one day.

(2) Make your wreath. 

Rework the wire into a circle or use a 12-inch metal ring from the crafts or hardware store. Then, gather your clothespins and your red beads. Slide them onto the wire, placing one bead in between each clothespin. Continue until you've covered the ring, allowing for roughly 1 inch of bare wire at each end. Close the ring by taping the ends together.

(3) Hang it up. 

Top it all off with a bow. Using a red, gold, or silver ribbon, tie a bow around the taped edges of the wreath. Allow for a loop of ribbon to hang the wreath with.


Wreath Made Out of Cardboard


- green cardboard

- red beads

- glue


(1) Craft cardboard flowers.

Cut a span of green cardboard into short strips of identical length. Shape these strips into flower petals by folding them at the center and gluing the top and bottom together. 

(2) Make the wreath.

Glue five of these petals together at one end to make a flower. Then, glue the flowers together to make a wreath. Using the same procedure, make another, slightly smaller wreath.

(3) Finishing touches.

Glue the smaller wreath on top of the larger one. Finish it off by sticking red beads at the center of some of the flowers.

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