Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Key Elements in Staging a Cozy Vacation Lodge

Intimate, relaxing, snug, comfy, warm: these traits are what make vacation lodges the perfect retreat for the mind and for the senses. If you're looking to snag buyers for a listing that falls under this type, try your hand at staging the property to exude this coveted atmosphere. Take note of these five important factors to achieve that cozy, homey look 'n feel:

Lighting will make or break the atmosphere. You'll need warm, ambient mood lighting for a vacation lodge to invoke that rustic, cozy feel to it. Use lamps and wall scones aside from ceiling fixtures to add to the overall effect.

Stone and wood trimmings
As natural textures, stone and wood within the lodge make it feel one with its surroundings. It's a popular look among mountain and countryside vacation homes, in particular.

Rich, warm colors
Turn the lodge into a rich and heady enclave with furnishings that come in rich, warm colors like deep reds and dark browns.

Wooden and rustic furniture
Complete the look with furniture that complements the rich, warm textures in the lodge. Look to wooden and rustic furniture that spells "countryside" or "retreat house" to make the space even more welcoming and homey.

Carpets, rugs and drapes
Carpets, rugs, and drapes add a touch of comfort to the space. It makes any room seem softer around the edges -- the perfect setup to relax in. Choose items that go with the color scheme of the home.

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