Friday, March 21, 2014

5 kitchen pantry design options

The pantry is an essential kitchen amenity. Used to hold snacks, groceries and other food items, a kitchen pantry allows for a convenient and central storage place to keep all your dry food.

If you have the luxury of space, you may opt for a spacious walk-in pantry.

1. Built-in pantry

The most common type of pantry, the built-in pantry is part and parcel of your kitchen design. Vertical wall space may be maximized with a built-in pantry that spans from floor to ceiling. If you have a small kitchen, you may also use built-in overhead cabinets or under-counter cabinets and drawers to serve as your pantry. 

2. Recessed walls

A recessed pantry is similar to a built-in floor to ceiling pantry, but with shelves recessed and cabinet doors seamlessly in line with the kitchen walls. This creates a less obstructive feel in the kitchen. A recessed pantry may also have extra door storage for small items such as spices. 

3. Pull-out drawers

A pull-out pantry is usually in the form of a tall cabinet, which can be pulled out like a drawer. This type of pantry offers the advantage of having everything visible and within reach.

4. Walk-in cabinet

If you have the luxury of space, you may opt for a spacious walk-in pantry. Comparable to a walk-in closet, a walk-in pantry features a door from the kitchen that opens into a room full of cabinets and shelving for various non-perishable food items. 

5. Freestanding pantry

For an unexpected design, you may also opt to repurpose a piece of furniture such as an armoire into a pantry. This adds a certain elegance and charm to your kitchen space. You may also locate your freestanding pantry in the dining area so as to take up less space in your compact kitchen. 

Whichever type of pantry you choose, organization is key to a neat and tidy kitchen, making it easy for you to spot what you need and know when you're running out of supplies.

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