Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Green

A green, healthy, grassy lawn is easy to maintain given some time-tested, well-informed tips and techniques. Check out the following advice to turn your lawn into the neighborhood’s envy.

Keep the grass at 3 inches.
Tempted as you might be to cut or mow it down to an inch or two, taller grass keeps the soil healthier, and healthier soil means healthier grass. Keep the grass at three inches at the very least. This length should provide enough shade to keep the soil beneath it cool and moist, and it allows for the roots to extend deeper into the earth, thus absorbing more nutrients.

Fertilize only once a year.
Using too much fertilizer will make grass much more susceptible to insects and disease. Fertilizing only once a year should keep it healthy and hale. Opt for natural, organic brands - they’re much safer and healthier for the soil, the grass, and the environment. Keep away from high-nitrogen fertilizers. Ideally, nitrogen should make up only 10% of the bag of fertilizer.

Water longer.
In the dry, arid months, water your lawn longer rather than more frequently. Let once inch of water seep deep into the soil. This setup allows for the roots to grow deeper, past the dry topsoil. It should keep the grass green and healthy despite the arid conditions. 

A dry, hard, compact topsoil makes air, water, and nutrients harder to absorb. Aerate your lawn by digging or punching small, three-inch holes into the ground to loosen the soil and encourage air, as well as earthworms and vital micro-organisms, to proliferate.

Leave grass clippings on your lawn.
Instead of raking and then throwing them away, leave your grass clippings on the lawn after mowing or cutting. The clippings act as a fertilizer: they decompose fairly quickly and return nutrients into the soil. If you'd rather keep your lawn clean, however, you can place the grass clippings in a compost pit instead, for later use.

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