Monday, March 7, 2016

5 Ways to Repurpose Scrap Paper

Waste not, want not. Scrap paper can pile up at home and leaving them as is will only lead to more clutter. There are, however, many practical uses for scrap paper that most people oversee. Here are some ideas to help you repurpose these items: 

Make sculptures by turning scrap paper into papier mache. Just soak a bunch of scrap paper in glue and water and mold them into the shapes you want. Apply a light coat of paint afterwards to vamp up your creation.

Custom notepad
Pool all your loose scrap paper together and bind them into one big notepad. Place it beside your phone to jot down important information, or on your desk, in case you get any ideas you may want to write down. It can also be useful in the kitchen for recipes and reminders.

Fire starter
If you love having barbecues, scrap paper will come in real handy at your next cook-out. Roll up a few pieces of scrap paper and douse them in lighter fluid, along with your coal. You only need a few pieces to get the fire going, so go easy on the paper. 

Origami material
If you’ve heard of the Japanese art of origami, you’d be thankful for all of that excess scrap paper lying around. Craft intricate paper structures ranging from moving cranes to folded lions, and find yourself in real zen with the universe.

Paper planes
It takes a real paper plane engineer to come up with that one-of-a-kind creation that can fly the farthest and look cool while doing so. If you aren’t one, you can practice, what with all that scrap paper lying around. And it’s good fun with your kids, to boot!

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