Monday, February 3, 2014

7 foyer storage ideas

Having storage in the foyer may not be an immediate home design idea for most people. However, since the foyer is the last room most people will be in before they leave their home, it makes perfect sense to have some storage options for items you need just as you step out the door.

An alternative to a chest of drawers is using baskets with a regular console table.

Check out these storage tips for your entryway:

Table with drawers

The primary piece of furniture for any foyer is a console table or an occasional table. Console tables are rectangular-shaped which are usually used in narrow spaces and smaller foyers, whereas occasional tables are round-shaped perfect for larger foyers that can afford a centrally located table.

Whichever type of table you intend to use in your foyer, consider using a table with drawers. These drawers can hold items such as car keys and mail.

Chest of drawers

Boost up your foyer space’s storage capabilities by using a chest of drawers instead of a console table. While a chest of drawers is usually used in bedrooms, it can also become a homey feature with the functional aspect of bigger storage space in your foyer.


An alternative to a chest of drawers is using baskets with a regular console table You may put some baskets below the console table as extra storage for larger items.

Drawer organizers

Wide drawers have a tendency of looking messy and disorganized. Keep your stored items neat and tidy by using drawer organizers.

This particularly works well with small items in your top drawer. If you live in a home or apartment with other people, drawer organizers can also be a great way to divide foyer storage.

Trays and bowls

Put your console table top to good use as a storage option. You may place a tray or bowl on your console table for small items and knickknacks such as keys.


Hang hooks in your entryway for easy access to coats, hats or school and office IDs. If you have kids at home, it may also be a good idea to have some hooks hung at a lower height for a more comfortable reach.

Place hooks in a strategic location and avoid installing too many, as these hooks may look unsightly.

Umbrella stand

The country’s two-season climate makes umbrellas a constant necessity. Keep umbrellas conveniently at the ready by having an umbrella stand by your entryway.

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