Monday, December 7, 2015

7 Items to Hide Your Valuables In

Keep money and small valuables like jewelry extra safe. Try these suggestions at making a secret stash in your home.

Food containers

Reuse an opaque food container and store it at the back of your kitchen pantry. You can also try other containers, like bottles used for lotion or baby powder, cleaning solutions, or medicine bottles. Place these items where appropriate.


Hollowing out a book is fairly easy. Use a box cutter to cut out a rectangular hiding space within the pages of a thick book. Brush glue or sealer over the inside edges of the rectangle to keep the pages together. Place your valubales in the book once the glue has dried. Finally, place it on the shelf, in the middle of your library. No one will know the better.

Aluminum Foil

Place your valuables in a ziplock plastic bag and wrap it in aluminum foil. Place it at the back of the freezer. Make sure to inform your family members about it, lest they mistake it for actual food.

Fake Plant

Again, place your valuables in a ziplock bag and bury it under the soil of a fake potted plant.


You can hide valuables in toys or cut open a doll and place your valuables in them.

Wall Art
Tape an envelope with money or important documents on the back of paintings, photographs, and other wall-mounted art.

Dirty Laundry
Keep a pair of old pants, shorts, a sweater, or a jacket with pockets at the bottom of your dirty laundry. Stuff your valuables in the pockets. Just don’t forget which items of clothing you hid them in, lest you take them with you to the dry cleaners.

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