Monday, August 24, 2015

8 Ways Student Boarders Can Save Money

Boarding or renting a dorm, apartment, or condo near your school allows for infinite conveniences, but the rent and utility bills can prove costly. Look to these means to save money and to build on the habits that keep you financially responsible.

1. Use budgeting apps
Keeping track of your expenses is the first step to being money-savvy. Download a budgeting app to help you.

2. Cook and eat at home
Eating out is a huge expense. Cook your own meals instead. Invest in cooking equipment and utensils and buy in bulk from the market.

3. Unplug electrical devices when not in use
Appliances and devices left plugged in still suck up electricity. Make sure you unplug your electronics especially when you're not home.

4. Make your own coffee
Make and drink your own coffee instead of shelling out bucks for expensive brews at the coffeeshops. There's a handful of affordable coffeemakers on the market and you can also opt for a coffee press instead.

3. Make use of school resources
Using your laptop or computer can drive up your electrical bill. As much as possible, use it in school, in the library, study hall, and other places where you can plug in for free. 

4. Use an electric fan
Likewise, opt to use a fan instead of air-conditioning to save on electrical costs.

5. Walk to school
Save money and cut back on your carbon emissions by taking a leisurely stroll to class.

6. Avail of student discounts
Certain establishments along university belts offer student discounts on their services. The school as well should have some services you can avail of for less. For instance, look instead to the school's in-house medical clinic for check-ups and other medical necessities.

7. Buy, rent, and sell textbooks
Instead of buying new books, get secondhand texts or rent them from upperclassmen. Likewise, you can sell or rent out the textbooks you don't need anymore.

8. Prioritize your studies
Save the night outs for the weekend. Stay in to do your homework instead of going out every chance you get.

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