Monday, December 8, 2014

Affordable Home Staging Ideas

Home staging refers to improving upon the property's presentability to pique the fancy of buyers. The process involves repairs, cleaning and clearing up the space, redecorating, and a number of similar measures geared to revitalize - and maximize - the property's appeal. Professionals offer home staging services, but they prove to be costly. Instead, look to these simple home staging tips fit for the shoestring budget.

Stow away personal items.
Pack up photos, personal items, and remove highly individualized touches to your home. De-personalize and neutralize the space so that your prospective buyers can picture themselves living in your home.

Clean and clear up the space.
No one wants to walk in on a cluttered living room, a messy kitchen, or a dank garage. Clear up the mess, break out the cleaning implements, and make sure the countertops gleam. Rearrange furniture into pleasing setups that allow for a dynamic, spacious feel to the environment.

Let the light in.
Draw the curtains and blinds. Natural light should keep the indoor atmosphere bright, airy, and cheerful. 

It's cheap, simple, and straightforward: repaint any walls that need a fresh, updated look. It's a must for any walls with bold, intrusive colors, patterns, or designs. Choose basic, neutral colors - like white, cream, or beige; earthy tones like brown, tan, or taupe; and warm, soothing blues and grays. These colors appeal to a wider range of buyers. Tear down any loud wallpaper as well.

Replace inexpensive hardware.
Tarnished doorknobs? They're fairly affordable and easy to install. Check your kitchen and bathroom taps, too. Replace them, or simply update or restore their look with metal cleaners and buffers.

Attend to the lawn.
Clip, cut, shape, trim, and mow as needed to mold the lawn into a pleasing and welcoming sight. Inexpensive potted plants and flowers could serve to contour the space around the home and provide color and life to the outdoor view.

Enliven the space.
Set out a bouquet of fresh flowers. Bake brownies or cookies before your prospective buyers walk in, or use a stimulating air freshener to entice the senses. It's a classic trick in the book.

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