Friday, December 1, 2017

Buying Lots in QC, Valenzuela, Cavite

Are you a broker or agent selling properties in Quezon City, Valenzuela, or Cavite? Sell to us! Here is how: 
The following requirements must be submitted in a sealed envelope for each lot offer on or before December 27, 2017 at P.O. Box 8, UP Postal Office, Diliman, Quezon City:
2. Photocopy of TCT of the lot being offered for sale; 
3. Photocopy of Vicinity Map and Lot Plan; 
4. Photocopy of Tax Declaration; 
5. Original Copy of Authority to Sell from the lot owners; and 
6. Copy of Broker’s License/Registration 

Please indicate in the lower right portion of the envelope the Reference Number of the property being offered. 

Below are the locations they are seeking property for:

Quezon City 
Location: Along Walnut St. and Dahlia Ave
Reference No: PSR-001-17
Required Land Area: 1.0 ha 

Location: Along Pratt St, Batasan
Reference No: PSR-004-17
Required Land Area: 0.89 ha

Location: Above Doña Juliana St. before Martirez St., Doña Carmen
Reference No: PSR-005-17
Required Land Area: 0.90 ha

Location: Between Martirez St. and D. Carmencita St., Doña Carmen
Reference No: PSR-006-17
Required Land Area: 0.43 ha

Valenzuela City

Location: Enclosed by Isidro Francisco Balubaran, Valenzuela
Reference No: PSR-002-17
Required Land Area: 0.81 ha

Location: Along Bagbaguin Road
Reference No: PSR-003-17
Required Land Area: 1.0 ha

Cavite City

Location: Along Coastal area of Cavite (Cavite lot)
Reference No: DP-001-17
Required Land Area: 6.0 ha

Location: Along Coastal area of Cavite (PRA lot)
Reference No: DP-001-17
Required Land Area: 250 sq.m

Technical Requirements: 
1. Must be accessible to large/heavy equipment. 
2. The land/soil must be suitable for construction. 
3. Preferably vacant, without notable improvements. 
4. Preferably without permanent structures.
5. Preferably without informal settlers. 

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