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Create a Hotel-style Bedroom

There is something incredibly indulgent about a hotel-style bed. It’s a perfect coming-together of luxurious linen, layer upon layer of bedding, and expert bed-making skills.

The finishing touches are artfully arranged cushions.

Create your own hotel standard bedroom. Here’s how…

A good mattress

You have to start with a quality mattress. The most popular choices on the market are innerspring and memory foam mattresses.

Add an extra layer of luxury and comfort with a mattress topper. These fit over your mattress and have the added benefit of protecting your mattress against spills and stains.

If you have money to spend, pick a topper that’s stuffed with duck down.

Night frills

Draped across or at an angle over one corner of your bed, the blanket or throw becomes more than just a way to keep warm – it transforms into a decorative focal point.
Night frills are notorious for being fussy, but if it’s the hotel look you’re after, you have to add them.

If the frills are too much for you, opt for a boxed design. However, if you simply cannot see yourself struggling with a night frill every morning, invest in a bed with a faux suede base. 

High quality linen

Next up are your sheets. The only choice you really have is cotton and it has to have a high thread count. Again, if you feel like splashing out, spend your money on Egyptian cotton.

Pure Egyptian cotton is regarded by some as the finest linen one can find. 

Plush duvets and pillows

Think about those duvets you just want to sink into - this is the type of duvet you want to go for. Like with the mattress topper, ideally, you want to choose a duck or goose down filling. These inners create that puffed up look and a duvet which offers a delightfully crisp feeling against your skin.

When it comes to pillows, think ultimate comfort as well. 

Blankets and throws

Once your duvet and pillows are on your bed, you can move on to choosing a blanket or throw to go with the set.

In winter, a blanket will do, while a light throw will work well in summer.

Draped across or at an angle over one corner of your bed, the blanket or throw becomes more than just a way to keep warm – it transforms into a decorative focal point. 

An assortment of cushions

The finishing touches are artfully arranged cushions. Use as many cushions as you like, and mix up the shapes and sizes to keep things interesting.

Play with reflective elements such as sequins in summer or add warmer textures such as faux fur in winter.

The final note, and one of the most important pointers, is to keep the colors muted and the designs calm. Your best choice will actually be linen in either white or cream, and a complete absence of patterns. If you go too over-the-top, your bed will fall short of hotel standards.

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