Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Décor for a Rustic Garden

“Rustic” implies an atmosphere of casual antiquity. Rooted in the countryside lifestyle, it’s all about charm and simplicity: bare wood, rough textures, and harmony with nature are among its characteristics. 

It’s a typical look for the rural home, but the more contemporary abodes can also take on new life given this rustic atmosphere. Try your had at a couple of DIY suggestions for rustic garden decor, for starters:
(Photo: listotic.com)

Upcycled bicycles

Upcycle an old bike or two into a living, breathing, growing outdoor fixture. Here’s how: sand away the rust (if any); repaint into the color of your choice (hint: use bright or pastel hues to add to its charm); and, finally, deck with flower baskets, bouquets, and vines, as you wish.

(Photo: garden-arts-project.com)

Re-purposed birdbath

A bit of discarded driftwood can go a long way. Cobble together this charming birdbath with nothing but driftwood and a shallow wooden basin. Decorate as you see fit: adorn your driftwood with flowers, terrariums, figurines or vines -- or leave bare, as it is.

(Photo: C.R.A.F.T.)

Touch up your perimeter

Add a touch of whimsy to your wooden fence or gate as such: drill holes into the wood; insert marbles as decorations, securing them with clear glue or adhesive.

(Photo: Pinterest)

Resurrect the dead

Another nifty use for wood: resurrect an old tree stump or a discarded tree trunk into a flower planter. Turn the dead into a vessel for the bright and blooming.

(Photo: theradishpatch.com)

Blooming birdcages

Yet another alternative for the pot or planter: an antique birdcage. Paired with greenery and blooming flowers, the birdcage’s wrought iron takes on new life. It’s a rather charming fixture, nostalgic and romantic in the same stroke.

(Photo: apartmenttherapy.com)

Vintage book planters

Look to vintage books to keep your succulents interesting. Apply a sheer layer of adhesive to the sides of the book to glue together the pages. Once dry, cut a square at least 1.5 inches deep into the center of the book. Line the square hole with parchment paper or plastic to keep the book dry. Then, pack the square with potting soil. Finally, place two to three small succulents into the book. Place in a sunny area on your porch or on a windowsill.

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