Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY Nautical Coasters

Pertaining to all matters maritime, the term "nautical" has gone overboard and entered the home. To date, nautical decor proves to be popular. It spells beachy, breezy, summery -- the perfect vibe to celebrate this impending summer with. Add a touch of the sea to your dining table with this simple project: a DIY nautical coaster made of rope.

- a length or coil of sisal, hemp, or jute rope
- a piece of cardboard
- pencil
- pins
- hot glue and glue gun
- scissors
- box cutter
- nautical-themed stencils
- acrylic paint
- paintbrushes
- a sealer or varnish

1. Using a pencil, trace a 4-inch circle on a piece of cardboard.
2. Pin one end of the rope to the center of the circle. 
3. Loop or coil the rest of the rope around this center. Apply glue to the sides of the rope to secure each layer or loop of rope together.
4. Once you've reached the edge of the circle, cut the rope and glue the end to the side of your coaster.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for a full set of coasters -- you can make however many you like.
6. Draw and cut out nautical icons on cardboard. (Some ideas: an anchor, a starfish, a boat, waves, a crab, or a seagull.) Make use of the stencils to help you paint these icons on your coasters with paintbrushes and acrylic paint.
7. Let dry. Finish off with a coat of sealer or varnish afterwards. 

And there you have it -- a set of beachy nautical coasters. Sail away!


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