Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DIY Round-up: Shelving Ideas

Think outside of the standard box -- or, in this case, the standard shelf. Check out these ideas for upcycled shelves to spruce up your home. From pipes, to ladders, to crates, build unique shelves with the most unexpected materials.

Industrial pipes
They don't offer the most secure kind of shelving, and it would only ever work for books, but the overall look -- and the idea behind it -- is ingenious and modern. Simply put, this project entails only a few pieces of pipes installed on a wall. Place your books upon them, letting them lean against the wall. It's perfect for small rooms that have no space for bulky shelving units.

For this project, all you need are a couple of boxes secured with binding clips. The simplest, easiest bookshelf you can ever make.

Rope and plywood
A length of rope and several slats of plywood make for this beachy decorative shelf. 

Plastic crates
Cheap plastic crates, bound together and installed up on a wall. As an option, you can look for wooden crates instead, or paint the crates over with your desired color, or something to match the room with.

Old drawers
Upcycle a discarded drawer into a quaint accent piece. Use an old map, wrapping paper, or a piece of wallpaper for your backdrop. 

Check out what you can make of two ladders and a handful of plywood in this version of the ladder bookshelf. 

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