Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Wood “Chandelier”


It not only adds a personal and playful touch to a room, but it also becomes an interesting conversation 

piece.  Here’s how to make your own DIY wooden cut-out chandelier. 

1. Print a pattern to inspire you in sketching your own pattern. 

2. Trace the pattern onto plywood for cutting. If cutting plywood is too laborious for you, replace 

plywood with easy-to-cut plastic vinyl or nicely-finished cardboard. 

3. Cut out the design with a craft knife (if using vinyl or cardboard). If plywood, you can have an 

experienced carpenter cut it out for you for cleaner lines and a professional finish. 

4. Assemble together with floral wire or screws to make it into a 3D chandelier. Apply coats of 

your preferred paint color and set it with varnish.

5. Assemble the simple bulb and socket fixture. Make sure that the bulb does not touch any of 

the sides of the cut out, as it may increase the chances of fire.  For safety, accommodate an inch or 

two as margin around the bulb. 

Voila! A beautiful, personalized DIY chandelier that everyone will be raving about. 

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