Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween treats you can make at home

Trick or treat, indeed. Indulge in these delectables you can make in a jiffy.

[(Photo: bhg.com)]

Trail mix

Orange candy, candy corn, and dark chocolate. Throw in with yourchoice of nuts, raisins, and cereal. It’s a tasty snack you can throw together in no time.

[(Photo: bhg.com)]

Zombie crackers

Spoon and smooth a thick coat of green frosting on 3/4 of thecracker; use the chocolate icing to cover the rest. Now make your zombies come to life with eyes, noses, and hungry zombie grins using chocolate chips, frosting, and candy.

[(Photo: sunset.com)]

Creepy-crawly eggs

Slice some black olives. Arrange them into a creepy-crawly arachnid on deviled eggs. A suitable treat for those sans a sweet tooth.

(Photo: bhg.com)

[(Photo: myrecipes.com)]

Bloody Bourbons

Something now for the grown-ups. Prepare 2 cups of blood orange 
juice, 1 to 2 cups of bourbon, and 4 cups of lemonade. Combine in 
a pitcher with ice. Serve with blood oranges as garnish.

[(Photo: myrecipes.com)]

Kooky Graveyard

It is, as they say, to-die-for. Plant cookies of your choice in a platter of cookie crumble, made of layers of crushed cookies and melted marshmallow, peanut butter, caramel, or whipped cream. Bonus: write “R.I.P.” on the cookies using a bit of icing. Take some strawberries or candy corn and tuck them into the crumble for some color.

[(Photo: sugar-baking @ Flickr)]

Creepy Cupcakes

Where you can never go wrong: cupcakes. Do as you wish using 
frosting, icing, sprinkles, candy, chocolate bits, and more.

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