Sunday, April 19, 2015

How to Build a Faux White Brick Wall

Brick walls are both urban and homey. They can be paired with both modern and traditional decor. But brick walls are, unfortunately, quite costly. And they're time-consuming to install, whether you're building from the ground up or remodelling your home.

If you want a brick wall for texture or accent, check out this DIY tutorial from DIY Design . It's cost-effective and much, much easier than building an actual brick wall.

- sandpaper
- interior stucco
- painter's tape
- a ruler or straight edge
- a pencil for marking
- dry-wall trowel
- sea spondge
- putty knife
- primer
- paint


Prepare - lightly sand the wall and dust or wipe down to prep its surface.

Measure - measure your wall. The length and width will determine how many rows and columns of "bricks" can be placed on the wall. The size of the "brick" is up to you. 

Mark - using a ruler or a straight edge, and a pencil for marking, draw the "blueprint" or sketch of your brick wall. Start with the horizontal lines, which should be evenly spaced. Proceed with the vertical lines for every other row.

Tape - stick painter's tape over the horizontal and vertical pencil marks in your brick wall blueprint. Use tape 1/4 of an inch thick, and make sure there's an excess inch on each end of the horizontal lines so it is easier to peel off afterwards.

Apply stucco - with a dry-wall trowel, apply the interior stucco over the wall. Make it a thick and even coat.

Texturize - before the stucco dries completely, dab at its surface with a damp sea sponge to create a nice and even texture on the wall. The texture will make your faux bricks look realistic.

Remove the tape - once the stucco is dry but still soft, remove the tape carefully, starting with the horizontal ones. If the stucco in between the tape lines get damaged, simply retouch with more stucco, a putty knife, and the sea sponge. Once all the tape has been removed, and the stucco retouched, allow the wall to dry completely.

Prime and paint - Once dry, apply one coat of primer to the wall. Once dry, proceed to paint over the wall with two coats.

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