Monday, January 12, 2015

Kitchen Tools for the Student Away from Home

Cooking equipment are among the most important things a student should have in his or her rented living quarters. Student accommodations don't always provide for one's cooking and nutrition needs. As such, make sure that you have the following basics for your dorm, apartment, or condo.

A stove
Cook homemade meals instead of eating out or having your meals delivered from a restaurant. Whether it's gas or electric, a simple stove should keep your costs down, and your food much healthier, too.

A kettle or electric heater
Hot water is a necessity for coffee, tea, instant oatmeal, instant noodles, ramen, and a variety of other staples in the harried student's diet.

A set of knives
Equip yourself with a set of knives good for a range of food. Use a large, sharp knife or a cleaver for meat and vegetables. Invest in a serrated knife for bread. Use a butter or dinner knife for butter, jam, peanut butter, and other spreads.

A frying pan
The go-to pan for many quick and easy meals and basic recipes.

A large pot
A multipurpose pot for boiling vegetables, making soup or pasta, or cooking up stew, or viands like curry or adobo.

A rice cooker
For the solo renter, cooking one batch of rice should be enough for three square meals a day.

A spatula and a ladle
Don't forget to grab a spatula and a ladle to cook with. 

A chopping board
Choose a sturdy wooden chopping board -- it should do well enough for meat and vegetables alike.

A can opener
As intrinsic to the student renter's lifestyle as schoolwork itself: the handy can opener for tuna, corned beef, sardines, and canned fruit and veggies, among other instant food.

A microwave or toaster oven
A must for making quick dinners or reheating leftovers.

A blender
For a quick shake or smoothie, or a creamy soup or tasty salsa.

Plates, bowls, saucers
A variety of plates, bowls, and saucers to eat off of, or to serve your food in.

Eating utensils
A set of spoons, forks, and dinner knives to eat with.

Food containers
Tupperwares, Ziplock bags, a water thermos, a Coleman or similar container to pack your lunch and drinks in.

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