Friday, November 14, 2014

Pet-Proof Your Home

Keep your furry companions safe, happy, and sound with these guidelines in pet-proofing your home.

- Keep cleaning agents like bleach, laundry detergent, air fresheners, etc. in containers and in locked cupboards or storage areas where your pets can't ingest them.

- Likewise, keep cosmetic products, substances for personal hygiene, and medicine in safe containers and in areas away from your pets’ reach.

- Keep fragile, breakable things such as glass vases secure. Cats, especially, like to jump on surfaces and may knock objects onto the floor.

- Make sure that your pets can't get to electrical wires. Unplug your electronic devices when not in use. Roll up the wires and store out of sight. Some dogs, and puppies especially, like to chew on these wires, and cats often mistake rope and similar objects as toys.

- Similarly, keep cords for drapes and blinds out of reach of your pets

- Store small items and other bric-a-brac (coins, paper clips, needles, jewelry, pins, rubber band, toys, etc.) in containers and  areas safe from your pet. Puppies, in particular, might ingest these objects.

- Keep your trash cans lidded or away from reach to keep your nosy dog out of its contents.

- Be wary of plants can be poisonous to dogs and cats. Take a look at this list of potentially poisonous plants by the Human Society.

- Don't use tablecloths in areas of your home that your cat has access to. Cats, and kittens especially, may try to climb up the sides of the tablecloth.

- If you have a garbage disposal, cover the switch to keep your cat safe.

- If you have dogs and cats alike, place the cat litter box in an area that's off-limits to dogs. Dogs tend to eat cat feces, which may lead to intestinal obstructions.

- Chocolate, candy, coffee, tea, onions, alcoholic beverages, grapes, raisins, and tobacco products are poisonous to pets. Keep these substances out of reach.

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