Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen

Use a slice of lemon to clean water stains on metal.
No other area of the home requires as much cleaning as the kitchen. We use it and its various equipment day to day -- glassware, dishes, utensils; the sink. To save time and effort, try your hand at these smart and effective cleaning hacks for your kitchenware.

Use white vinegar in the dishwasher.
Pour about one cup of white vinegar to the bottom of your dishwasher along with your regular dishwashing liquid or detergent. Run for a full cycle. The acidity of white vinegar ought to work its magic removing spots and cloudiness in your glassware.

Use a slice of lemon to clean water stains on metal.
Slice a lemon in half. Use one half of the lemon on water-stained metal like the faucet and various utensils. Rub the lemon along the surface of the metal until it is stain-free and gleaming.

Microwave sponges to kill bacteria.
Place your kitchen and dish sponges in the microwave and set on high for two minutes. Let cool afterwards.

Use coconot oil and baking soda on sticky residues.
Combine equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil in a jar. Rub the mixture on a sticky spot or residue in your kitchen. Let sit for a minute or two, and then scrub clean afterwards with a sponge, metal wool pad, or an old toothbrush.

Blend dishwashing liquid and water to clean your blender.
Pour about two cups of water into your blender and add dishwashing liquid. Blend on a low setting for about a minute; rinse out afterwards.

Clean your garbage disposal with baking soda, vinegar, ice and salt.
For next ones, we take a look at how you can clean your heavy-duty kitchen equipment -- namely, your stove, your oven, and your garbage disposal.

Use ammonia to clean your stove burners.
Take 1/4 cup of basic ammonia and pour it into a ziplock bag big enough for the stove burner. Place the burner inside the bag, seal shut, and leave for 12 hours. Fumes from the ammonia will eventually dissolve the grease and oil stuck to the burner. Wipe clean afterwards with a sponge or a rag. 

Clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar.
Start by removing the grills from your oven. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the floor of your oven. Spray white vinegar over the baking soda with a spray bottle and rub it into the powder with a gloved hand or a spatula. Make sure the mixture covers the entire oven floor. Leave for up to 20 minutes and then scrub in circular strokes with a metal wool pad. Clean the mixture off of your oven afterwards with a damp sponge.

Clean your garbage disposal with baking soda, vinegar, ice and salt.
Sprinkle two cups of baking soda into the drain. Pour one cup of white vinegar afterwards. Let the two substances fizz and react against each other. Pour hot water over the drain once the reaction has subsided. Afterwards, place about two cups of ice over the drain and pour a cup of rock salt over the ice. Turn on the garbage disposal and run the tap over the drain until the ice has been grinded through. The ice and salt help dislodge debris in your disposal. Afterwards, pour a mixture of water and lemon juice or water and white vinegar over the drain to deodorize your garbage disposal.


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