Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The 25 Richest People in Real Estate: Part 2

Gleaned off of Forbes Magazine's annual list of the world's 500 richest billionaires, here's the roundup on the today’s top 25 real estate tycoons, based off of their net fortune. 

Ranked from #104 - 77 among the world’s richest, these property magnates raked in $11.8 - $13.9 billion in net worth.

Net Worth: $11.8 billion
Rank: 104th richest person in the world

Ranked the 38th richest person and 16th largest landowner in the U.S., Anschutz, from Colorado, is a known entrepreneur and investor. He has interests in oil fields, railroads, telecom, sports teams, and movies, having invested, most famously, in the "Chronicles of Narnia."

Net Worth: $12.6 billion
Rank: 91st richest persons in the world

Dubbed by Forbes as "U.K.'s richest landlord," the 6th Duke of Westminster, Grosvenor, presides over his eponymous property firm the Grosvenor Group. He and his family have significant property assets on five continents. He owns 190 acres in Belgravia, which is adjacent to the Buckingham Palace and one of the priciest neighborhoods in London. 

Net Worth: $13.5 billion
Rank: 82nd richest person in the world

Named the second richest man in Asia in 2013, and the second richest man in Hong Kong in 2014, Lui Che Woo founded K. Wah, company. The firm has interests in properties, entertainment and leisure, construction, and hotels. It has 200 subsidiaries, including Galaxy Entertainment Group, through which the tycoon runs a casino empire.

Net Worth: $13.7 billion
Rank: 80th richest persons in the world

Hailing from Britain, brothers David and Simon Reuben own various properties in the UK, including the Millbank Tower, the John Lewis Partnership Headquarters, the American Express offices, the Academy House on Sackville Street, Connaught House on Berkeley Square, the Market Towers, the Cambridge House, and a variety of shops on Sloane Street.

Net Worth: $13.9 billion
Rank: 77th richest persons in the world

The media magnate from Australia has property holdings and various investments in real estate. He owns majority interest the REA Group Ltd., an online real estate advertising company based in Australia. He also owns majority shares in PropTiger.com, an independent real estate advisory firm in India.

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