Saturday, November 29, 2014

Turn a Tire into an Ottoman

Old tires are resilient: you can turn them into a range of upcycled furniture, from a tire swing to a coffee table. In this case, take a look at how you can transform an old tire into a tasteful, rustic ottoman. A piece that would go well with both modern and traditional decor, this upcycled ottoman is perfect for the living room, the porch, the bedroom, and the bathroom.

- a black rubber tire
- two sturdy wooden panels
- a pencil
- screws
- a saw
- a power drill
- a screwdriver
- hot glue gun
- rope
- a clean rag
- scissors
- concentrated brush sealer


- Scrub and wash the tire if dirty. Wipe with a clean rag and air out until dry.

- Measure the tire’s diameter. With a pencil, draw a circle on the wooden panels. The circle should be slightly smaller than the tire, ideally at two to four inches less in diameter: enough to cover the hole in the tire, but not big enough to cover the tire completely. Cut the wooden panels to form the marked circle.

- Place one round wooden panel over one side of the tire. Drill the wood into the tire with the power drill. Using the screwdriver, secure the wood into the tire with screws. 

- Install the second wooden panel on the other side of the tire, using the same procedure.

- Starting from the center, glue the rope in a circular motif on top of the wood. Continue until you've covered the top and sides of the tire. Keep the base bare. Cut the rope once you’ve covered the required areas.


- With a clean brush, apply sealer over the rope. Air out for one hour before applying a second coat. Place in a dry, airy space and allow for two weeks to dry completely .



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